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Young Artist May 2021 - Peerless Watercolor


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Product Description

Nicholson's Peerless Watercolors - Complete Edition Pack These paints are a little different than traditional watercolors. The Peerless DryColor Sheets are made of a proprietary paper based film that allows the paint to be mixed and used right off the sheet. The sheet does not disintegrate like normal paper would and when you are all done painting, just allow the sheet to dry and the paint is perfectly ready to go for the next time! This pack includes fifteen vibrant, transparent, hand-made, non-toxic, professional grade watercolor paints you can take with you on the go. A common question with these watercolors is "How long does the Complete Edition last?" The short answer: "A LONG time." There is a ton of paint on these sheets. Strathmore 300 Watercolor Paper Pad: 9x12 Marabu Fluid Arts Brush Set A Couple of Ways to Use Peerless Watercolors 1) Bring the water directly to the color side of the Drycolor sheet with your brush. The Drycolor sheets are made in a way that they can be used as the palette themselves! No need for any extra hardware! After you're done painting simply allow the sheet to dry and you are good to go! 2) If you have a palette with water reservoirs fill each individual water reservoir in a palette with water, then snip a little piece off of the Drycolor sheet and submerge it in the reservoir. Doing so allows the paint to be freed from the sheet and into the water it goes, and it is ready to paint with! If you want a more intense color, simply add a bigger piece of the Drycolor sheet!

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