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Paletteful Premier Pack

September 2023 - Stabilo Carbothello Pastel Pencils

Stabilo Carbothello Pastel Pencils Set of 12

Carbothello pencils can be dry-blended or smudged with either the fingertips or a blending  stump to create a variety of artistic effects. Dramatic results can be  achieved when used on dark backgrounds and delicate papers, too. Areas or outlines can be lightened or highlighted using the white pencil.  Partially aquarellable, the pigments can also be worked brush and water. The contours will remain visible. These premium chalk-pastels have high  pigmentation with excellent light-fastness – and for superior results  the finished artwork can be treated with a fixative. MSRP: $30.00

Legion Lenox Paper Pd

This paper was the first domestic 100% cotton paper specifically designed for fine art applications back in the early seventies, created by Legion co-founder Len Levine. This machine made grade was created to have its own unique characteristics which made it so suitable for a variety of media. Lenox is only 250gsm but very dimensionally stable making it an excellent paper for silkscreen. It's medium textured surface make it ideal for all drawing techniques: graphite, pastel and charcoal. Forty plus years in the market and still one of the most popular papers for multiple applications and has set the benchmark for all of Legion's quality domestic cotton grades to follow. MSRP: $26.78

Blending Stump 2pk.

Excellent for blending and smoothing pastels, charcoal, graphite or any  other dry media. Double-ended, pointed and made from soft, gray paper felt these stumps are easily sharpened with a sandpaper block. MSRP: $3.69

Sandpaper Block

Excellent for sharpening charcoal, blending stumps, crayons, pastels,  pencils and tortillons. Twelve sheets of 1" x 4" medium grit sandpaper  are attached to a pressboard paddle providing a portable yet sturdy surface. MSRP: $2.89

Stabilo Carbothello Sharpener

This sharpener features plastic housing and steel blades for a clean cut. MSRP: $3.55

Bonus Item: Stabilo Carbothello or Lyra Sepia Dark

Paletteful Pack Prompt Rules

1) Make a drawing/painting based on your interpretation of the prompt

2) Post it to social media.

3) Hashtag it with #palettefulprompt and #palettefulpacks

Paletteful Pack Prompt

Prompt #1: Antique

Prompt #2: Dragon

Prompt #3: Indulgence

Prompt #4: Book