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Paletteful Petite Pack

November 2022 - Drawing on Black

Cretacolor Metallic Pencils (x4)

These highly pigmented, brilliant color, artist quality pencils offer a soft, rich, creamy and slightly waxy stroke. The extra-thick 6.4mm core offers ample useable color and the 11mm hexagonal wood casing gives comfort to grip. All colors blend and layer easily. They are opaque and provide great coverage, allowing for both fine and broad lines. The lead has also been glued to the casing to prevent breakage. The pencils  feature a transparent lacquer except for the 3/4" tip that conveniently  indicates the true color of the pencil. MSRP: $12.32

POSCA Paint Markers (White and Silver Extra Fine)

Are you ready to work with one of the best and most versatile markers on Earth?! POSCA is a paint marker popular with artists and creative hobbyists. An essential took for creation and self-expression, it is used by professionals and amateurs every day on all types of materials. We highly encourage you to visit POSCAʼs website to explore all of the various ways people use these markers. The non-toxic and water-based opaque paint covers well, is blendable, dries quickly, and can be overlaid when dry. You can use the markers on paper/board, wood, fabric, glass, ceramic, plastic, metal, minerals, and canvas. MSRP: $4.45 ea.

Sakura Gelly Roll Bold White Gel Pen

Gelly Roll Pens are great for journaling, doodling, crafting,  illustration and much more. These pens glide smoothly, won't bleed or  blot and dry to be waterproof and fade-resistant. MSRP: $1.66

All-Stabilo Multi-Surface White Pencil

A water-soluble pencil that will mark clearly, densely and legibly on any surface including acetate, paper, glass, metal, photo and film. Wipes off with a damp cloth on smooth surfaces and erases on paper. MSRP: $1.75

Stabilo Pen 68 Metallic

With its sturdy bullet tip and brilliant, intense color, this fiber tip pen is perfect for layout detail and sketching. The odorless  water-based ink will not bleed. It also will not dissolve toner or ink  of permanent markers. The pen can be left without their cap for 24 hours without drying out. MSRP: $2.75 ea.

Holbein Artists' Colored Pencils

Smooth and easy to draw, blend and overpaint with, Holbein Artist Colored Pencils are produced to meet the high demands of exceptional performance and handling characteristics of artists worldwide. Ideal for drawing, illustration, sketch and design, the Holbein Artists Colored Pencils are oil based and highlypigmented. They feature a medium-hard 3.8mm think lead/core. You are also able to draw on watercolor, gouache, and acrylic color. MSRP: $3.95 ea.

Princeton Sable Synthetic Blend Round #2 Brush

This high quality short handled brush is wonderful at holding water and is made to last. It will be a great addition to your brush collection as they go above and beyond many other brushes on the market. MSRP: $7.95

Marabu White Metallic Aqua Ink

Graphix Aqua Inks are versatile and highly-pigmented watercolor inks for fine art and mixed media. Use them at full strength for bright, vivid tones, or blend with water for softer hues and gradations. Aqua Inks can be reworked even after they’re dry – create beautiful watercolor effects with brushes, sponges or even dip pens. Shake vigorously before use. MSRP: 3.75

Strathmore Mixed Media Black Paper Sampler 4" x 6"

This black paper combines true wet media performance and a dry media finish that is suitable for a range of mixed media applications.

Paletteful Pack Prompt Rules

1) Make a drawing/painting based on your interpretation of the prompt

2) Post it to social media.

3) Hashtag it with #palettefulprompt and #palettefulpacks

Paletteful Pack Prompt

Prompt #1: Sunflower

Prompt #2: Cat

Prompt #3: Moon

Prompt #4: Crown